Industrial wastewater treatment plantsCleaning the oil and fat separatorsRegeneration of industrial packagingSales sewage treatment plant in OKO-tech

Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Treatment of industrial wastewater reclamation and water-based liquid waste, liquid waste transportation, receipt directly from the customer. Laboratory tests of wastewater, waste treatment.

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Cleaning the oil and fat separators

Cleaning of sewerage and water supply, suction excavator-services, rental of containers for waste disposal, transport, waste, liquid waste disposal,

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Regeneration of industrial packaging

Packaging recycling, recovery of packaging waste: drums, IBC 1000L, 1000L pallet, the recovery of packaging waste

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Sales sewage treatment plant in OKO-tech

Sanator-bis is the representative in the Polish, German company OKO-tech manufacturer of modern industrial wastewater treatment plants.

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Treatment of industrial wastewater

The purification of industrial waste , liquid waste recovery and waterborne transport liquid waste , Research Laboratory.

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Cleaning the oil separators

Cleaning and monitoring drains, suction excavator work , container rental , transportation of waste and liquid waste

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Service of industrial packaging

Washing barrels and tanks IBC 1000L. Purchase, sale, transport, recovery and recycling of packaging and packaging waste.

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Sale of technology OKO-tech

Sanator-bis has signed an agreement with German partner OKO-tech. He conducts commercial activities in Poland.

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separatory substancji ropopochodnych
czyszczenie separatorów
Wdrożenie innowacyjnej metody oczyszczania ścieków przemysłowych
separatory tłuszczu